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Only a week until  Millie (Pendleton Petticoats, Book 7) releases! Hooray!

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy another excerpt…

Millie 2

As though she’d just stepped in something vile, she backed away from him and lifted her nose in the air. “I’m well aware of who you are, Mr. McBride. Your den of debauchery will need more than a second chance to save it or you from everlasting condemnation. Good evening.”

Insulted yet intrigued, he watched her march down the sidewalk and cross the street to where the group prepared to sing in front of another saloon.

Although Gideon had seen Millie Matlock around town numerous times, observed her bully his customers, and knew exactly who she was, it was the first time he’d been close to her.

From a distance, she seemed much older and more formidable than she did only a few feet away. If memory served him correctly, she’d been the manager of the telephone office for several years, so she had to be older than her youthful appearance implied.

Average height for a woman, the plume on her dark woolen hat had slapped his cheek when she spun on her heel and stalked out the door. Porcelain skin made him want to reach out and trace his fingers along her heart-shaped face. Lips the color of luscious berries stirred his curiosity, wondering if they’d taste every bit as sweet. Rich black hair left him longing to remove her hat and hairpins and bury his hands in the thick tresses. The lingering hint of her soft floral fragrance caused him to breathe deeply, inhaling her scent and a lungful of arctic air that caused him to cough and wheeze.

“You okay, boss?” Abel asked as he stepped inside and firmly closed the door.

“Dandy,” Gideon mumbled, returning to the kitchen and setting the coffeepot back on the stove.

Abel followed, handing him the cup of rapidly cooling coffee.

Gideon accepted it and took a long drink before returning to his spot at the end of the bar while Abel helped the handful of customers who’d braved the blowing snow to drink and play cards at the Second Chance.

Thoughts of Miss Millie Matlock kept Gideon from accomplishing any work the rest of the evening. In spite of her beautiful face and proper deportment, she’d left him more rattled than if she’d screeched at him like an enraged fishwife.

Frustrated by how thoroughly she’d piqued his interest, he had no intention of getting to know her better. If the woman planned to run him out of business, she’d better think again. He’d fight her with every last ounce of his considerable strength.

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