Mini Mouse

When I travel, I always take my beautiful little netbook computer with me. It is lightweight, easy to use and makes staying connected a breeze. I can upload photos, write my blogs and often times, if we are driving, Captain Cavedweller tunes into his sports radio while I pop in my ear buds and type away on my next story.

The only thing I have not liked about my netbook is trying to finagle the controls without a mouse.

For Christmas, Captain Cavedweller gave me a wireless mouse. I loved it the minute it came out of the package. Where had it been all my life? No more cords, no more tangles and tethers. It was awesome. So when we were packing up to go on vacation, I meant to take my wireless mouse with me and, as the way things go when you are hurriedly packing the night before you are about to leave for a week, I forget to grab it.

Captain Cavedweller, being the wonder that he is, stopped and got me a wireless mouse the next morning. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I call it mini mouse. It truly is a miniature version of a full size mouse, and fits right into my netbook case. How convenient is that?

Sometimes all our newfangled technology really makes me smile.

She Who Doesn’t Know How She Functioned Before Mini Mouse

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