Montana Dawn

montana dawn

I love Caroline Fyffe’s books. I know when I pick one up, it will be a great read that keeps me entertained and engaged from start to finish.

Montana Dawn did not disappoint.

The first book in The McCutcheon Family Series, Montana Dawn follows the story of  Luke McCutcheon and Faith Brown.

Luke comes upon Faith as she hides in her wagon, ready to give birth. Wanting to leave, but knowing he had to stay and help her, he helps deliver the baby and then brings them along on his family’s cattle drive and takes her to his home in Montana.

I loved the characters and the story line, although I really wanted to shake some sense into Faith a time or two. (Told you her stories get you involved and engaged.)

Just an all around wonderful, feel-good book, I highly recommend Caroline’s stories. Check this one out for a great historical fiction read.

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