Moon Called

The book club I belong to decided to read Moon Called by Patricia Briggs for our last selection. After looking at the cover, I was a bit dubious about the book. Convinced I was not going to like it, I was barely a few pages into it before I was hooked.

Set in an area of Washington that I am quite familiar with, that alone would have piqued my interest. But the author is a fantastical spinner of tales and weaver of words.

For a girl who much prefers curling up with a cup or tea and a good piece of chocolate while engrossed in an inspirational historical romance, I really couldn’t have predicted I would be so wrapped up in a fictional story involving a woman who can change into a coyote, werewolves, vampires and fairies.

But I am.

Thank goodness one of my friends has all the books in this series or I’d have to cut out my chocolate budget so I could buy them all. Yes, the books were that good. And I have an unreasonable compulsion to read them all. Right now.

This series focuses around Mercy Thompson, the mechanic, the werewolves she was raised by as well as the head werewolf of the local pack who lives next door, vampires and more.

Although the cover would say otherwise, I’d rate this book as PG due more to bloodshed and death than anything else. I truly appreciated the minimal use of swear words and the lack of “smut,” as my mother would say.

A fascinating read that will have you hooked, give the book a try. You’ll soon find your thoughts tripping around Mercy Thompson’s amazing world.

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