Mother’s Day Gifts

If you are still searching for a great gift for Mom, here are some ideas I shared last year that are, amazingly enough, still appropriate this year!

Happy Shopping!

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Here we are just a few days away from Mother’s Day and as a favor to all you guys out there who have not yet purchased a gift for your wife or mother, I thought I’d offer a few tips.

Let’s start off with the don’t list. This could get to be really long, so I’ll do my best to just highlight some of the worst offenders.

Most women will not be thrilled with a gift that will require work on their part. Lawnmowers require work on their part, as do any other type of outdoor yard tool. Avoid any gift that will make her think of work.

Unless your wife is a real outdoorsy kind of girl and has specifically requested an item (and that is a true request, not a sarcastic one) steer away from things like fishing poles, tools, guns,  and sleeping bags. If it is something you’ve been wanting, odds are high it is not on her short or long list of things she’d really like to have. She really won’t appreciate it. Honest, she won’t.

Women also do not appreciate opening a box of their favorite chocolate candy and finding either pieces missing or, horror of all horrors, mutilated bit-ridden pieces. If you are going to get her candy, leave the box sealed and let her decide if she wants to share (and don’t expect her to, especially if it is really good chocolate).

While we all enjoy having new appliances, don’t give them as gifts for Mother’s Day. This is a woman who carried you for nine months and agonized through your labor or the woman who married you and continues to provide you with tender loving care not to mention all she went through to give you children. Show her some appreciation. Show her how much you cherish her. You really can’t do that with a blender. Or a toaster. Or a rice cooker. Or an iron. Goodness sakes, man, don’t do it with an iron.

I think you are getting the general idea of what not to give. So what can you give the most important women in your life that will make them smile, fill them with gratitude for you? Beyond the obvious choice of flowers, here are a few ideas.

Bath and body products are always welcome as are scented candles. But make sure you have some idea of what scent she likes. This is important to know! One of my favorite lotions in the world is from Camille Beckman. Most women will love just about anything you could pick out from stores like Bath & Body Works. She will also appreciate a gift card. Then she can get whatever she wants.  Despite rumors, the majority of the female population really does appreciate gift cards to their favorite stores. Don’t know what store that might be? Get her a Visa gift card or one that she can use anywhere. You can even get gift cards to online stores like Amazon that offer a little bit of everything.

Give her the gift of time to herself. Take the kids out to do something fun and leave her in peace for the afternoon so she can take a bubble bath, read a book, take a nap. I guarantee she’ll thank you for it.

Make her breakfast in bed. It isn’t that hard or complicated and she will love it – and you!

If you want to make her heart flutter and melt into a puddle at your feet, help the kids make her something. Even a card made by their little hands is probably among the most precious gifts you can give and she’ll keep it forever.

Put on your thinking cap, get creative and let your mom and wife know just how much they mean to you. And stay far away from the appliance aisle, even if they dangle the carrot of free gift-wrapping.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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