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Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Whether you loved or hated the movie The Lone Ranger (or fell somewhere in between), there is a key bit of wisdom Tonto shares with the masked hero.

“Must to jump.”

There are a few times during the movie when Tonto says, “must to jump.”

He doesn’t say:

“We should think about jumping.”

“Let’s jump.”

“It’s time to jump.”

“We need to jump.”

He doesn’t even raise his voice and yell, “Jump!”

He simply states, ” must to jump.”

I’ve been thinking about the significance of  “must to.”

My dictionary defines “must” as something necessary or vital, something that is required or compelled, something required.

To me, “must to” makes something incredibly important.

Think about applying that little phrase to things in your every day world.

“Must to laundry.”

“Must to work.”

“Must to school.”

“Must to dinner.”

Okay – I get that those are still things you might not be excited about, but it makes it more fun to say.

Try adding the phrase to things like the following, with a little emphasis:

“Must to Happy!”

“Must to Laugh!”

“Must to Smile!”

“Must to Enjoy!”

Go on, say those out loud and tell me it didn’t make you smile – maybe even giggle a little.

Get your happy on today. It’s a must!

Each Monday I share my thoughts on happiness in my own personal Happiness Project for 2014. Feel free to post your thoughts or comments on happiness.

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