My lastest obsession

The other day, Captain Cavedweller and I drove to the city so he could get some new boots for work.  While he tried on stuff that was not so fun, I spent my time drooling over the boots in the women’s section.

Apparently, I have become a bit obsessed with cowboy boots.

It started with this pair of Justin Boots.


Which then moved on to this pair of Justin Punchy Boots. (I still want these, badly).

Then I saw this pair while we were shopping the other day. They are from Roper and felt so comfortable. I loved the contrast and textures!

Then this pair from Twisted X Boots caught my eye. The stitching around the top of the boot speaks to me, quite loudly in fact.

This pair from Macie Bean, called I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, did me in. I really, really want these.

I don’t think my psyche can handle any more trips with Captain Cavedweller for him to get work boots. Nope, just  can’t do it.

She Who Would Own 127 Pairs of Boots If She Won the Lottery



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