National Cherish an Antique Day

Today is National Cherish an Antique Day.

This is a day I can totally get behind because I have soooo many antiques that I cherish.

I thought I’d share two of my recent favorite finds.

When we were in Asheville, NC, back in December, we went to a huge antique store located in an old tobacco barn. There were more than 75 antique sellers spread over 77,000 square feet, offering their treasures on consignment. We spent a few hours wandering and wandering, but here’s the funny thing. We’d barely made it past the entry door when I spied this hot chocolate pot. It was dusty with the lid taped on, but it was all in one piece. No cracks. No chips. And the price was incredibly reasonable. I picked it up, studied it, put it back.

I meandered through a few more booths, came back to the hot chocolate pot, debated if I really wanted to try and get it home on an airplane without breaking it, and set it back down.  I went through one more booth before I hustled back and claimed it was my own. I’m so glad I did. And I’m incredibly glad it survived being shipped home despite the shipping company’s failure to pack it in Styrofoam peanuts and wrap it in bubble wrap (but that’s a story for another day) like they said they would do when I paid extra for that service.

Anyway, the pot looks beautiful in my kitchen and it makes me so happy every time I look at it.

I’ve tried to find out more about it. I’ve even done a Google Photo search and nothing has come up. I do know it’s hand-painted, but not much else. If you have any ideas about who made it and when, I’d love to know!

Last month, when we were visiting my cousin and his wife in Portland, his mother-in-law came over one evening with a car load of treasures she wanted to get rid of. Among the goodies we brought home was this Magic Lantern still in the original box.

It’s an 1800s version of a movie projector that runs on kerosene. So cool, right?

I may have been dancing in my chair when she opened the lid of the box and said I could keep it.

I’m amazed at what good condition it is in, especially the glass slides (which are so colorful and fun!).

I haven’t had a chance to dig into much history for this yet, but if you have one or know anything about them, I’d be so pleased to learn more!

Do you have a favorite antique you cherish?

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