National Do Something Nice Day


It’s National Do Something Nice Day!

What a lovely day to celebrate!

There are so many simple, easy ways you can do something nice today that will mean so much to another and bring a little kindness and light into the world.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lend a Hand

If you’ve noticed someone who needs  help with a task and it’s one you can handle, do it for them.  Trim up an overgrown bush for an elderly neighbor, or help a coworker with a daunting project.

Offer a Kind Word

An unexpected compliment can truly brighten someone’s day, as long as it is sincere. Comment on a hairstyle, an outfit, a smile, a job well done.


If it’s been a while since you’ve called a relative or friend, take a moment to connect and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Give Your Time

Most of us know someone who is alone and lonely, or someone elderly who appreciated being driven to the grocery store, or even just a few minutes to chat.

Share a Treat

Take cookies, or a treat to someone who could use a little boost. If you bake, there’s nothing quite like a little lovin’ from the oven. Boughten cookies, or even a few polished apples are a thoughtful reminder that you care!

With countless ways to do something nice, I hope you find a way to participate today, finding joy in your efforts. And I hope you are on the receiving end of something nice too.

My kind word to you: thank you. Thank you for your readership and kindness and I’m so grateful for you!

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