National Hot Tea Month

I just read that January is National Hot Tea Month.

Oh, yeah. I can totally get on board celebrating that.

Since I consume at least one cup of tea per day, I am somewhat of a tea fan.

I must confess upfront, though, that I can’t drink tea unless it is sweet. I’ve tried. Honest!

Choose any type of tea – black, green, spice, hot, cold. I can’t drink it unless it is sweetened. And yes, I sweeten it with sugar. Real sugar.

Right now, my favorite tea is Pumpkin Spice from Bigelow.

My favorite nephew’s beautiful bride gave it to me and I love it. It is spicy and rich with just a hint of pumpkin. Yesterday, I sat in front of the fire holding a cup in both hands inhaling the wonderful scent before sipping away.

Another of my all-time year-round favorites is Plantation Mint tea. It is delicious hot and unbelievably refreshing served cold on ice with a mint sprig floating in the glass.

I am also a bit of a pomegranate/raspberry junkie. It’s true!

So in honor of National Tea Month, I think I’ll go home and make a nice cup of hot tea, sit by the fire and have Captain Cavedweller wait on me hand and foot this evening.

Right. That will happen when pigs sprout wings.

Happy Tea Drinking!

She Who Needs to Get Real

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