National Hug Day

Girl child twin sisters embracing.It’s National Hug Day!

Don’t you love days like this that give you an excuse (in case you need one) to hug the people you care about?

Hugs are just happy thoughts you share through your arms!

Here is one of my favorite “hug” scenes from my book, The Cowboy’s Summer Love.


Tess glared at her brother. He advanced toward her with a look on his face that said he was up to no good. She started backing up and would have escaped except she bumped into something warm and solid. A spicy, familiar scent flooded her nose and she felt an electrical jolt snap up her arms when her hands reached behind her, connecting with the muscled thighs of a man.

Jerking away, she turned to find herself staring into the handsome face of Travis Thompson. It had been almost seven years since he enlisted in the Army and told her goodbye. The years away made him even more appealing and, in Tess’ mind, more dangerous.

Blue eyes filled with mischief, he offered her a wicked grin.

“I see you still can’t keep your hands off me,” Travis teased, then yanked her to him, giving her a big, brotherly hug. Tingling sensations spiraled from the top of Tess’ head to the tips of her toes and her legs felt as stable as a worn out rubber band. “It’s been a while, Tessie.”


Now go give someone you love a big hug!

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