National Humor Month

Did you know it’s National Humor Month?

How come no one tells me these things? I’m not good at discovering this info on my own in a timely manner. I usually figure these things out a week or so after the fact. Thank goodness I had the entire month to catch up on this one!

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine, and something we need on a daily basis to be healthy and happy.

What makes you chuckle, giggle, smile, laugh until you cry?

Whatever it is, find some of it today and enjoy.

I’m pretty fortunate in that Captain Cavedweller keeps me very entertained. He finds it a big challenge to be serious, which means there is a lot of silliness and teasing that goes on at our house.

Despite the fact that we are both feeling sleep deprived and half-awake thanks to an onslaught of allergies, we laughed most of way to work on our drive in to work this morning. It is a rare day that he doesn’t say or do something that strikes me as funny.

Maybe you have a friend, a sibling, a co-worker who makes you laugh. Maybe you check out websites like A Joke A Day to get your giggle on. Maybe you see the humor in everyday things. Goodness knows the felines at our house provide a never-ended source of entertainment. (Then again, CC and I are easily entertained.)

Wherever, whatever or whomever makes you smile, spend some time today laughing. See if you don’t feel better for it.

She Who Likes A Good Laugh


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