National Librarian Day

Today is National Librarian Day. A day to honor and celebrate those wonderful individuals who love books as much as we do!

If you think of librarians as people who only catalog and shelve books, think again! They play such an important role in a  community. From arranging children’s story time sessions to literacy classes, librarians offer a wealth of resources to the public, often at no cost.

Librarians are often trained in library science and work with complex cataloging systems to organize books, purchase titles, work as a liaison with schools and universities, organize events, teach classes and so much more. As technology changes the world around us, they adopt and adopt to changing needs as well.

The library was one of my favorite places when I was a youngster. I loved the smell of the old books and furniture polish. The doors were thick and heavy, but the moment I stepped inside, it was like entering a magical world. One filled with adventures awaiting to be found.

There were a few librarians that worked there throughout my entire childhood and on into the early years of my adulthood. My first two years of college, I spent an inordinate amount of time hanging out the library working on research papers, or doing homework in a peaceful environment. They were always so welcoming and helpful. Sometimes they’d even recommend books before I asked, because they knew me so well.

And that’s what I would wish for every child: to experience not only the wonder of a library throughout their childhood,  but the gentle guidance and friendship of a kind librarian.

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