National Library Lover’s Month

Did you know February is National Library Lover’s Month?

It is!

How fun is that?

I practically lived at our county library my first two years of college. I think I knew every librarian, every book category, every single section of the library.

Libraries are a fabulous resource, a wonderful place to escape, and a gift to the public that is often overlooked.


Libraries provide so much more than a place for us to enjoy great novels or to discover amazing adventures and untold history.

Among the many things they offer are:

  • Educational entertainment for preschoolers.
  • Meeting space for public forums, socials, fundraisers, and classes.
  • Resources for researching family and community heritage.
  • Lend media other than books, such as movies and music.
  • Access to digital resources.

If you haven’t been in your public library for a while, go in and wander through neat rows of books, soak in the atmosphere, and read a good book.

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2 Responses

  1. I love our local library. It is a Carnegie Library built in 1907. It is one of the few Carnegie buildings that is still a library. It may be an old building but it is vibrant and full of activity. When I was there last Friday a group of middle school kids were in the meeting room helping the staff plan upcoming activities for young library patrons. There is always an activity of some kind available for the community as well as reading and resource material.

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