National Princess Day

Get out your tiara, polish your crown, and bask in the glory of National Princess Day!

What a fun day to celebrate!

And in honor of it, I’m holding a special giveaway!

For a chance to win an autographed copy of Protecting the Princess, my sweet western romance, just post your answer as a comment below to one (or all) of these questions:

Who is your favorite princess (real or fictional)?

If you could be a princess, where would your country be located?

If you could be princess for a day, what royal decree would you implement just for that day?

Comments must be posted by midnight November 21. One winner will be randomly selected and notified by November 24.



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72 Responses

  1. Princess Di is my favorite princess . She broke the rules for being a traditional princess. My country would be a tropical island . The decree I would make is everyone give themselves a break , rest , meditate.

  2. 1: Kate – Duchess of Cambridge – I think she is so elegant.
    2: If it were a country – Alaska – I have always wanted to go there #1 on my bucket list.
    3: Kindness Day – Everyone has to wear a smile and give hugs.

  3. My favorite Princess is Princess Grace, probably Italy or somewhere foreign, and treat day; treat yourself to something like a message, sweets, movie, so on.

  4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast – she loved to read was supportive and loyal to her Papa and Brave and adventurous, kind and caring

  5. My royal decree would be for one day we could all eat as much as we want of our favorite foods and calories wouldn’t count. Fudge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cheesecake for snacks would be my choices.

  6. Princess Charlotte she seems spunky.
    My island would be in a beautiful Holland with beautiful fields of tulips.
    I would decree chocolate cake or cake at every meal.

  7. 1) Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.
    2) Probably somewhere similar to Kansas, but with a real beach somewhere.
    3) Spend the day reading good books and enjoying delectable goodies!

  8. 1. Snow White is my favorite Princess, she was very kind and humble. 2. It would be in Scotland 3. There would be Peace in the world and kind people.

  9. I like princess snow white from Once upon a time tv series she’s tough and not afraid to fight for those she loves, never gives up hope and always looks at the bright side even in times of distress. I also love my little princess, my daughter, she bring love and joy into my life everyday even when she trying my patience 🙂

  10. My favorite princess is Charlotte! I just can’t wait to see what she does in life and how she will follow after her grand Queen great grandmother, beloved grandmother Di and precious mum Kate! What a legacy she gets to follow!

  11. Real Princess :Kate Duchess of Cambridge
    Fictional Princess: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

    My kingdom would be somewhere warm and close to the ocean like Ariel in the Little Mermaid

    I would decree that everyone gets to pick a book for free to read while on a picnic.

  12. I would say that my favorite princess is Diana in real life and Belle from Beauty and the Beast in fiction. I would be a princess in England. My royal decree would be no one will be allowed to bully or make someone else feel less. In the Bible all men and women are loved by God. We should love each other the same way.

  13. Cinderella is my favorite princess.
    My kingdom would be somewhere warm and beautiful.
    My decree would be never ending kindness.

  14. My favorite princess’s are my granddaughters!! They have all loved dressing up as a princess and they are truly my Princess’s

  15. Cinderella has always been my favorite princess, since I was little. I rewrote the play with my own spin on it as a 2nd grader and my class performed it. I would be an Irish princess 🙂 I think my decree would be to spread kindness for the day.

  16. Princess Diana. She showed such grace even with a cheating husband.
    Anywhere the weather was nice most of the time.
    Everyone had to be nice to others and there could be no conflict for the entire day.

  17. If I was a princess for a day, I would decree it to be a day to read… read to a child, read to an older individual… read out loud to your pets!

  18. Princess Diana
    I would be located in the kingdom of Laugh-a-lot
    I would require that everyone smile a lot and be happy

  19. Princess Diana, Somewhere around Scotland or Ireland, and my royal decree would be there would be a holiday in which books were gifted to everyone.

  20. 1. Belle from Beauty and the Beast (she loves to read!)
    2. Texas
    3. Everyone must listen to George Strait for the day. We’d all be in a better mood listening to the King of Country Music. 😊

  21. my fave princesses are my daughter and my five princess granddaughters who are all cousins. we want to be in Ireland to celebrate and cherish our Irish heritage!! There definitely needs to be royal decree issued for a day of rest relaxation and reading!!!

  22. 1. Princess Diana or Duchess Kate
    2. My country would be Spain or Portugal
    3. It would be giving day – helping the less fortunate by feeding them, cleaning for them and babysitting their children so they could have a break and enjoy a day at the spa or anything they want.

  23. My favorite Princess is Grace Kelly, from Monaco.
    I’d love to be a Princess in a region of Australia if that could be… I think it’s a beautiful country!
    My royal decree would be to make a feast once a week for all the paupers of the Kingdom!

  24. Favorite princess: Princess Di
    Country: Italy (I love the history (the ruins) and the food)
    Single day decree: Treat everyone (including animals) the way you want to be treated!

  25. I love Bell from Beauty and the Beast because she loves to read. My one mandate would be for my students to spend an entire Saturday reading books!

  26. I love Sleeping Beauty. My decree would be for everyone to be kind and help others with whatever needs to be accomplished. Thank you for the chance. Blessings

  27. My Princes would be my Mom. I miss her so much. My country would be my family home. We would watch movies and eat our favorite junk foods.

  28. My favorite princess is Princess Di , the country would have to an enchanted forest and I would make one day a year to only eat chocolate.

  29. I’ve never really followed royalty or dreamed of being a princess, so I dont have a favorite princess. My “kingdom” would be very natural. Ideally some woods and land surrounding a lake. I would decree a day of appreciation (for people, animals, and nature)

  30. If I could be a princess my kingdom would be in Scotland. It is were my ancestors came from and I have always wanted to visit

  31. My favorite Princess Di. My kingdom would be the United States. Di, loved to help people. In my kingdom everyone would have to get along….EVERYONE!!! In this day that would be a miracle……

  32. Favorite Princess: Sofia of Spain, she is very young, but graciously lives with the very strict rules of her mother. How many princess’ do you know who have no phones and are not allowed to watch TV, who is required as a Princess of Spain to know 4 languages and is learning another 4 on top of those? What Princess do you know who is not allowed to eat junk food, only fish and vegetables? Her mother is very, very strict with her two daughters and the King (their Father) let’s their mother make the rules for their daughters. If I could be a Princess I’d hope there would be a huge, lush island in the Pacific that had no tropical storms, no earthquakes, no tidal waves and that the island was called PEACE. What royal decree would I make? That there would be no TAXES of any kind!

  33. My favorite princess will always be Diana. She was an elegant woman with modern views despite coming from an old-fashioned social circle and I would love to be the princess of Romania or anywhere in Europe, really😁.
    My Royal decree would be that I would urge my citizens to sleep, read and eat to their heart’s content on one workday and would pay them for that too!

  34. Favorite princess Alana Farmer Stindal -Johanna Lindsey’s book WHEN PASSION RULES

    Decree- Everyone do whatever makes them happy

  35. As a young girl I always loved hearing about Princess Diana. Fictional favorite princesses are Cinderella and Belle.
    My country would be a mash up of England, France and Austria. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    My decree would be to be kind and serve each other.

  36. For real princesses, I really like Dutchess of Cambridge Kate. Fake princesses, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are my favorites.

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