Nectarine Sunset

Last night as I stood at the kitchen sink cutting up a very fragrant and delicious nectarine, it struck me that the sun setting outside the window looked quite like that nectarine.

That got me thinking about how to describe a “nectarine sunset.” If I were to use that phrase in a story, would the reader know exactly what that sunset looked like, smelled like, even tasted like?

To me, a “nectarine sunset” would be a glorious orb of gold streaked with subtle nuances of ruby red and lively orange fading into soft shades of glowing pink. The evening breeze would carry that subtle scent of summer, an undefinable sweetness with just a hint of a sharp tang, that you could almost savor on your lips. A delicious earthy flavor of days well spent.

Or something like that…

How would you describe a “nectarine sunset?”

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