Nests and Eggs (Pasta and Meatballs)

pasta nest plated

Trying to think of an entree that went along with my Wish It Were Spring Theme, I liked the idea of something that looked like nests and eggs.

Pasta and meatballs immediately came to mind.

It would be easy to make, filling, and hopefully tasty!

pasta nest ingredients

I found angel hair nests  Рpasta preformed into little nests! How fun is that?

Cook the meatballs according to package directions, as well as the pasta.

pasta boiling

I will add a word of caution about not putting too many nests in the pot at once because it seemed to make them lose their cute little nest forms, which was the whole point of having them. (Sigh…)


pasta nests on plateSince my nests were no loner nesting, I spooned the pasta onto plates, trying to make it look like a nest.

pasta nest platedThen served it topped with Alfredo sauce, meatballs, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. A bit of cilantro added a pop of green color.

She Who Needs To Practice with the Pasta Nests

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