Nostaligic Candy

Captain Cavedweller and I recently had the opportunity to wander through several shops that offered vintage candy and pop.

I was in seventh heaven.

He had a bottle of orange Ne-Hi soda while I had a Sioux City Sasparilla. I planned to go back for a Frostie Root Beer and get CC a bottle of Kickapoo Joy Juice, which he had never experienced. But as luck would have it, I got sidetracked shopping at an outlet mall and forgot the pop.

What I did manage to get home with was some fun vintage candy.

As we were strolling through the stores, we were remembering all the fun treats we had as a kid.

These were four things we just couldn’t come home without.

Owyhee Cherry Cocktail – like a chocolate covered cherry on steroids surrounded by a peanut and chocolate coating.

Bubble Gum Cigar – yes I know how awful that is, but they were so awesome when we were kids. CC especially wanted to get the cigar.

Pop Rocks – although you can find these at a variety of stores, I can’t always find strawberry and I remember how much I loved these as a kid.

Candy Cigarettes – I know, I know… but humor me. When I was little we had a little grocery store in our community where my Dad would take me and load me up on candy several times a week. I could usually choose one or two things and I often got a box of candy cigarettes because it lasted until the next candy run. As CC and I each tried one, they didn’t taste quite like we remembered as a kid. Because back then I’m sure they were the next best thing to chocolate especially if you weren’t allowed to eat chocolate!

It was a fun stroll down memory lane and really put me in a nostalgic frame of mind.

Captain Cavedweller fixed that problem by taking me out to dinner.

Need I say more.

She Who Misses the Good Old Days

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