Not His Type Book Trailer

The book trailer for Not His Type is finally done!

You can check it out on You Tube, or you’ll find it to the right of this post in the sidebar.

If you enjoy it, please share the link with your friends, like it or leave a comment. I appreciate any and all help in getting the word out about it!

Making the book trailer was a process. Nothing was overly complicated, it just took time.  Here is a break down of how I made it and the cost involved.

Since I just released four stories, I decided to make a trailer for the one that is selling the best – Not His Type.

I started with a storyboard on paper, drawing out each scene. I can’t even draw stick figures, so you can only imagine what this looked like. I thought about what images I wanted to use to tease viewers into the story of Jake and Anna and then drew  out a rough sketch on the paper.

After I had the storyline figured out, I took the photos. This involved enlisting the help of some unwilling models and Captain Cavedweller. It didn’t cost a thing, except my time. And some favors owed to CC and the unwilling models.

I downloaded the photos, cropped and played with them in Photoshop, changing them all to a sepia tone and adding some special effects.

The next step was to put them together in a movie format. This was really simple by opening up the Windows Movie Maker software already installed on my computer. So again, no cost. Just time and labor.

Windows Movie Maker is really simple to use and there are some good help features if you get stuck or have questions. Once I had the photos placed just like I wanted them, I could add in fun things like how the slides appear, and how they transition to the next slide. The next step was to add the text, which was again very simple. The final step was to add the sound.

I started the sound part of the project by purchasing an $8 microphone at Wal-Mart. It worked okay, but something was lacking. I had a friend listen to it and she had some good ideas and ended up helping me with the voice over as well as the background music. Cost – nada. Except I owe her big time and must think of some way to pay her back.

After I dropped in the music and voice file, the movie was ready to publish, which took just a few minutes. I uploaded it to You Tube which was very easy and Bada-Bing! It is ready for viewing.

I’d love to hear what you think of it!


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