Not His Type Cover

The cover for Not His Type was actually the first one I put together.

My inspiration for the photo came from an ad I saw for shoes. I liked the idea of shoes in  row and thought it worked perfectly with the concept of this story.

Jake, our hero, likes a very particular type of woman. Or so he thinks. Then he meets Anna who is nothing like his typical girl, but exactly the girl he never knew he wanted. While Jake is used to dating petite girls who wear stiletto heels, Anna is more likely to be found wearing cowboy boots – purple ones in fact.

A bunch of fancy shoes with a pair of purple cowboy boots. I took this photo outside of where I work. I tried some different areas and had piqued the interest of a few people who followed me around and watched me set up the shoes.

Next came the box that would hold the title. I liked the shape of this one and the fact that it was simple.

We had to have a fun title font. This one, called Giddyup, was perfect. I love the star over the “i”.

The cover needed a fancy flourish or two.

And it came together like this.

I really, really like the purple boots.

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