Not Your Average Fairy Tale

fairy tale

Not Your Average Fairy Tale by Chantele Sedgwick really wasn’t your average fairy tale.

Ash Sumerland is about to graduate from The Academy of Magical Beings. He just has to finish an apprenticeship. Expecting to work as a sandman, Ash is devastated when he has to serve as a fairy godmother – wings and all. As the first, and only, male fairy godmother, he hides his wings and sets about trying to get his human, Kendall, to make her three wishes so he can get on with his plans.

What Ash didn’t plan on was falling for Kendall, who is trying to recover from a horrible accident that killed her father and left her world turned upside down.

Fun and lively, this is a great YA story that anyone would enjoy. The ending has a little twist that gets you thinking…

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