O, Christmas Tree

When Captain Cavedweller and I started talking about decorating our house for the holidays this year, we agreed we couldn’t put up our usual big tree because of our kittens.

They climb. They jump. They investigate. Luna attacks first and asks questions later. Goose thinks everything (including my lace curtains) are there for a workout for his claws.

They are so adorably cute, but so into everything!

We had visions of every ornament being broken the first day the tree was up.

So I ordered a 4-ft tree, thinking we could set it up on a table in the living room and cross our fingers all would be well.

Fast forward to Black Friday. I had a friend coming over the next day for lunch and I wanted to house to be all pretty and the decorations complete when she arrived. The tree arrived that morning.

Only the beautiful green pre-lit tree I ordered came as this black thing.

Seriously. There was nothing holly jolly about it!

In a panic, I sent Captain Cavedweller a text. Good man that he is, he stopped on his way home from work, picked up a beautiful pre-lit tree in a cute wooden box, and saved the day.

It might not be our usual tree with all our sentimental ornaments, but at least this one, with roses and ribbons, isn’t one the kittens can destroy!

What’s your favorite decoration or ornament this year?

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8 Responses

  1. The tree he found is just beautiful!! I can’t believe there are even black trees – like you said, what’s holly jolly about that? Ha!

    It sounds like Luna and Goose are having a wonderful first Christmas!

    As for favorite ornaments, most of my favorites are ones that hold some sentimental value. Like the tiny handprint ornaments my kids made years ago.

    1. That is so neat you have the tiny handprint ornaments from the kids. Those types of sentimental pieces are priceless!

  2. My favorite is our tree topper. My daughter made it in kindergarten and we have used it every year since. She made it in 1973 (I think). It is a yellow star with silver glitter made from heavy construction paper, attached to a toilet paper roll so it fits over the top of the tree. I love it!

  3. We have a 2 year old Siamese, who adorable. We learned last year (our first Christmas with her) to put only plastic ornaments on the lower branches as she chooses to redecorate the tree most every night. First few nights 7-8 ornaments would be “adjusted .” Last night 0. It’s an adventure!!

  4. Good afternoon Shanna, your tree is Beautiful and so are your adorable kittens. I have a grand fur and her name is Luna also . Your husband is a very sweet person. My favorite ornaments are the ones that are photo ornaments and they have pictures of my family, I also have ornaments that my adult children who are in their early 40’s made in grade school. Have a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas. God Bless you and your family.

    1. That is so neat your cat is named Luna! <3 My hubby is really sweet and I'm so blessed!
      How wonderful you have the ornaments your children made in school. Wishing you and your loved ones a holiday overflowing with blessings! Merry Christmas!

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