One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the type… when you wonder why you ever bothered to drag your sorry self out of bed because that was the beginning of the descent into non-stop not-fun drama.

Ever have one of those days?

Phew… I’m glad there are a few hands raised out there.

My day started with me trying to gather up all the trappings I feel necessary to drag out the door with me on my way to work. In juggling the plunder, I inadvertently hit the panic button on my key chain which set my car alarm blaring at the early morning hour of barely after 7. I’m sure my neighbors and their out-of-town guests were thrilled for that rude awakening. Especially when it went on for goodness only knows how long because I couldn’t hear it until I actually opened the door and stepped outside. Sorry, Jennifer!

Arriving at work, I found my computer had been attacked by evil trolls and refused to boot up. I think it is the same set of ruthless, wicked minions who have invaded the phone line at work. So there I sat with no computer or phone which is pretty much like tying my hands and putting a blindfold on me for the day. Which was a great way to train a new assistant. The village idiot has got nothing on me considering my discombobulated state yesterday. The poor girl will probably turn tail and run while the running is good.

After blundering through the day by playing musical computers, and not getting half as much done as I had on my to-do list, I arrived home only to find Captain Cavedweller had his own disastrous day.  To top it off, he pulled in the driveway to find our garage door wide open (evil trolls are on the move, I tell you!) and an army of the tiniest ants I’ve ever seen swarming over our kitchen counter. Thankfully, they had not yet found my stash of peanut M&Ms.

Ah, so there was the bright spot in the day. My M&MS made it through unscathed.

She Who is Glad Yesterday is Finished and Done!

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