Open, open

Apparently, the garage door need only be open for 4.78 seconds for The Heinous Cat to sneak inside unnoticed.

He is up to his dark and underhanded tricks again.

Last Saturday, I was bustling around getting some thing done outside that sorely needed attention and was in and out of the garage as well as our storage shed.

After going back in the house and  finding 38 more things that needed done all at once, I finally ran back out to the garage for something and there sat The Heinous Cat on top of a new bag of cat food, claws sunk in like he was going to rip that bag to shreds if someone didn’t get it open for him soon.

Once I got past the surprise of finding him in the garage and on top of the bag of food, it registered that he was sitting there lecturing me.

“Hey, You, come open this thing for me. What’s it take to get some food around this place anyway? I should turn you in for neglect. Are you listening to me? Let’s move it. Hungry cat. Come on. Open, open.”

I point out that there is a bowl of food waiting for him out back as well as cat food in a dish right there in the garage.

“It’s a little stale. I want the fresh stuff. Could you hurry it up?”

Yeah, those are the types of conversations the cat has with me. He also throws in lines like, “That big guy you let stay in the house with you. Yeah, he forget to feed me this morning. What’s up with that, anyway?”

The cat lies. A lot.

Captain Cavedweller feeds the obnoxious cat before he feeds himself breakfast. It’s part of their routine. Cat gets fed then human.

The Heinous Cat – he thinks he suffers so.

Anyone want a cat with a bad attitude and no courage?

She Who Has Learned to Tolerate the Cat

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