Our love story

This time of year makes me sappy. (Okay, so I’m always sappy!)

But Valentine’s Day always makes me think about the early days of my romance with Captain Cavedweller. We had our first date the day after Christmas.

Maybe I should mention here that his parents and mine (mostly our dads) were conspiring to set us up on a blind date.

They tried for months, but we didn’t make it easy on the would-be matchmakers. One of us usually found an excuse why a date wouldn’t work at a particular time. My dad needed some truck parts that I was supposed to go to pick up at CC’s parents house (instead of the part’s store) on my way home from work. Apparently, the plan was for CC to be the only one there to answer the door. However, I got off work early, and CC was nowhere around.

When all their attempts to get us together failed, things took a turn when CC’s car broke down when he came home from college for Christmas break. His dad (who was a truck mechanic), refused to fix it unless CC called me and set up a date.

I had been dragging my feet because my thought was, “if this guy is such a loser his parents have to set him up on a blind date, why do I want to go out with him.”

Apparently, he was thinking the same thing.

Anyway, he finally gave me a call and we set up a date for the day after Christmas. The plan was for him to pick me at a place I was housesitting that was just a few blocks from his parents’ home. My mom and I went shopping the morning of December 26, and I bought a new blouse to wear. I got ready and was waiting for my blind date to arrive. Nerves twisted in my stomach. But I told myself I could endure one terrible evening with this guy. I continued waiting. And waiting. When he was twenty minutes late, I concluded he wasn’t coming, turned off the porch light and was just heading to the bedroom to change when the phone rang. He sounded both angry and apologetic as he explained he couldn’t find the house.

I gave him directions and within minutes he arrived, in the car his dad had fixed.

Nervously wiping my damp palms on the sides of my dress slacks, I took a deep breath as he rang the doorbell and opened it, not expecting to look into the gorgeous blue eyes of a really cute guy.

As he gave me a sheepish smile, something fluttered in my midsection dispelling that knot of nerves. And I knew, in that moment that I was going to marry Captain Cavedweller. Don’t ask me how I knew. I just knew.

We’d rushed to catch the movie (which was a sappy romance with Mel Gibson) then ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant just down the street from the theater.

Our goodnight was a kiss to the cheek, but I made him dinner New Year’s Eve. He left to return to college, and I just prayed if he was the one meant for me, I’d hear from him again.

A week later, he’d transferred back to the local college and we started dating. Seriously.

That first Valentine’s Day we were dating, I received gifts all week. A white teddy bear sporting a red satin ribbon with a heart shaped brooch attached to it. Candy. A single rose. Valentine’s Day, I got a dozen roses, and I realized then that CC excelled at gift giving. He also excelled at making me a sappy, starry-eyed girl.


I never imagined I’d meet someone who was the other half of my heart, who knew me so well, and loved me so deeply and tenderly. I have been so incredibly blessed  by CC and his love for me. And I’m grateful everyday our parents didn’t give up on nudging us together, and that God had a plan for us even if it took us a beat to get on board with it.

I’d love to hear your love story!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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20 Responses

  1. Aww, what a sweet story! God knew who your other half was. I’m sure glad you both gave in to the scheme your dad’s cooked up.

    1. God sure did. So glad we finally got with the program! I truly am so very blessed. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  2. What a sweet story! I’m glad you found your other half and that God has blessed you with so much love! I’m still waiting on His timing to find my own love 🙂

  3. Wow! What a great love story! Mine and my husband’s love story is not that romantic but it was to me! We had both been married to some really horrible people and we weren’t looking to get hurt again! We starting talking on the internet about a month before we actually met. We were supposed to go out on his Birthday, March 23, 2012, but I had a huge sickening migraine so I canceled on him. He took it that I was making up an excuse not to go out with him, but we managed to talk again after that day. We decided that I would meet him at his house which was only about a couple miles from my Mom’s house, so I went, very nervous about the date. He called me before I left and told me he had to go take gas to his son, who had ran out of gas. I was thinking he’s not going to meet me. He calls me about an hour later and says to meet him at his house in about an hour. He had to get cleaned up because he smelled like gas. So I arrived at his house just a little early, he answered the door with wet hair (he just got dressed) so all I saw was some of the most gorgeous blue eyes that I have ever seen, we start talking and just layed everything on the table about what we wanted and what we didn’t want in a relationship. He had been divorced for only a short time and not to say to many bad things about his ex wife, but she took everything from him, he had no refrigerator (which I never noticed but he thought I did) I had only been looking in his increasingly blue eyes!! Only thing he had to eat in his cabinets was spaghetti 🍝 and I was getting hungry, so he made me spaghetti 🍝 as our first meal. The date went so well that he asked me to come over the next day and I did! I knew talking to him that night and he did too that he didn’t want me to never leave him. So he asked me to marry him 3 months later and we were married that August. We have been together 14 years and married 13 years. I still love those brilliant blue eyes! 🌹🌹

    1. That is such a sweet love story, Sheila. So glad you two found each other and wishing you many, many years of blessings and joy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Well, I met my husband on Oct. 31, 1970. He led a Lay Witness Mission at our church for the youth – I was an old youth and I went. A week later, he rode his thumb in and then we went to babysit for my brother in a different town. His plans to spend the night with old college friends at NC State fell through, and so we sat up all night and talked about getting married and what our family would be like, etc. We became unofficially engaged that night (a week after we met), got my engagement ring at Christmas, and got married in May of 1971. We will celebrate 53 years this May.

    1. I love how met and knew right away you wanted to get married! So many wonderful, blessed years together! <3

  5. It is the blue eyes. We were married almost 40 years when he passed away and those eyes could still get to me. We knew each other in grade school, went to different high schools worked together always as friends. After both of us almost married other people, 6 years later we together for dinner, talked about old times and 11 months later we married. Thank you for letting me share Valentine day is hard for me on the 17th it will be 18 years since he died and I still the blue eyes.

    1. Oh, Gerry, I’m so sorry you lost your sweetheart. I’m glad you had 40 wonderful years together. I think all holidays are hard when you are missing someone special to your heart. Big hugs and loads of love to you.

  6. Your own Valentine story was convoluted and complicated! But Cupid’s arrow was true!
    My wife’s roommate introduced us, and our first date was on my motorcycle to a nearby state park for a picnic. Prim and proper. Cindy played hooky from her job so I knew something was up. She showed up at work the next day with an obvious sunburn! And her boss never said a word! We dated for about six months. I proposed on New Year’s Eve of 1971 and getting married that July. I am always fond of telling people that after 52 years we are just getting acquainted. Cupid struck the arrow in deep!

    1. Oh, I love what you shared about cupid’s arrow striking deep. That is so awesome! And your love story is so fun. That’s great she played hooky from work and her boss didn’t say anything about her sunburn. 🙂 So glad her roommate introduced the two of you and you’ve had all these wonderful years together. Here’s to many more Valentine’s Days spent with your sweetheart.

  7. What is it with beautiful blue eyes? Eyes are what I notice first with most people and my husband has wonderful blue eyes.
    We went to high school together until he moved the end of our junior year. Students from the local Air Force Base were bused to our school and he was one of several “base kids” I was friends with. We were classmates, nothing more. There several from the base I kept in touch with when their fathers were transferred and he was one of them. It was nothing more than a Christmas card and a few letters a year. We both went to college, me in northern New York and he in Florida. I left for the Peace Corps 3 weeks after graduation and he joined the Air Force.

    I extended for an extra year and was given 30 days leave home. I stopped at Castle AFB to visit my cousin and her husband on my way home. I knew from his last letter he was stationed there for training. My cousin had him over for dinner my first night there and he took us out to dinner the next. He came by for a quick goodbye before I left the next day. It was the first time we had seen each other in 7 years. After he took us out for dinner, my cousin was all excited “He’s perfect for you!” I had decided I liked him and would like to see more of him when I got back to the states. Two days before I went back to my assignment, he stopped by my parents’ house on his way to his first assignment in northern Maine. It was an 8 hour drive through Canada to get there (which was quicker than going through New England). I went back to the Philippines and did mention to the local teachers I was working with that he was nice, but there was nothing between us. They teased me about getting a Valentine from him, but I assured them it wasn’t anything like that. To my surprise, he did send me a Valentine, my very first one ever.

    Two months later he wrote to say friends of his parents had been assigned to Clark AFB in the Philippines and he was coming over for a visit. The three of them did come in April in time for the town fiesta. It was a real culture shock for the older couple, especially when we took local buses to visit a few places. They weren’t used to chickens pecking their ankles from under the seat, among other things.I spent a week with them, going back to their home at the base. The night before I went back to my town, we were sitting watching TV and he asked me to marry him. We never even dated. He didn’t get an answer that night.

    I finished my assignment in June and started on a trip I had planned home. My passport was good for 3 months and I was taking the full time to travel through as much of Southern Asia and the Middle East as I could. I was budgeting about $6 a day. This was 1971 and Vietnam was out. Cambodia was not safe. I so wanted to see Angkor Watt. As it was I only got to Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, and back to Singapore. There was a notice there to call home. My mother was unexpectedly dying. I flew home the next day after only 2 weeks of my planned trip. She passed less than 3 weeks later. John was there when I got back and came back for the funeral.

    He had a 4 day weekend every 3 weeks and came for visits. We usually went hiking or drove around. We really did have a lot in common. On September 25 he took me out for dinner at a very nice restaurant and asked again, with the ring. Of course I said yes. We went to Florida to meet his family and he was deployed to Vietnam the following month. We planned our wedding for May when he was due back. Of course he was extended and we had to make last minute changes and got married in June. He got word he was being sent back over and left 5 weeks after the wedding. There were ups and downs , especially during Vietnam, but it all worked out. We will celebrate our 52nd anniversary this year.

    Sorry this turned out so long.

    1. Oh, I loved reading your love story, Patricia. I’m glad the two of you found your way to your happily ever after and have had so many years together. Your story made me think of that saying “what is meant to be, will be!” I can only imagine how hard those early days of your marriage were with him in Vietnam, but so glad you made it through. Thanks you for sharing your story with us!

  8. I love your story, so very sweet and romantic. You both look beautifully made for each other!
    There is nothing better than having the love of your life and having a trustworthy husband by your side ❤️
    God bless you both and your marriage!

    1. God has blessed us both so much with each other. Thank you for your kind, sweet words, Shirley. Much appreciated!

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