Packing It In

As I wrapped up my weekend trip with my cousins and Aunt, I watched in amazement and amusement as my cousin Nancy expertly packed up the back of her SUV.

My aunt and three of my cousins traveled together and the vehicle was full when they arrived. After two days of shopping it was nearly bursting at the seams.

We stood back and watched Nancy pack not only four suitcases but all the goodies that had been purchased into a neat and orderly pile. My Daddy taught me to pack with the same skill that Nancy exhibited.  Laughing about the fact that we learned that lesson well from our parents, it is amazing how much you can pack into something when you take a step back, study it, have a clear view of all that needs to go in and then set about layering it in as carefully and as tightly as possible.

I was thinking about how this relates to writing. A good writer will examine all the points, details and information that should be included in a story, will study it, then set to work layering in that information in way that is tightly woven, carefully created and keeps the reader wanting more.

Try an exercise in concise packing with your writing. Make a list of 20 details and then see how many you can incorporate in two or three sentences.


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