Peep House

I know this is just going to knock your socks off, but all this week I’ll be posting some fun and simple ideas for Easter treats.

This one took me all of five minutes to do from getting out the supplies to snapping the photo.

These little Peep houses could make a fun centerpiece, a place setting decoration or whimsical touch to a buffet.

Ingredients. The alien green pile on the plate is shredded coconut tinted green (in case you were wondering).


Put frosting in a ziploc bag and snip off the corner for mess-free piping. Then line up your graham cracker and "glue" together with frosting. You need two for the sides, one for the back and one split in half for the top.


When you get it all together, the house will look like this. Please ignore the fact that my crackers are all irregular in shape. Someone who shall remain nameless and blameless may have dropped said crackers and busted 'em up good.


Sprinkle the alien coconut in the bottom of the house, nestle in the Peep and toss a few jellybeans around the outside and ta-da! You've got a fun little Peep House!

She Who Should Never Eat Another Peep

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