Pen Help

Steam Train Wheels

My friend Valerie Howard has a great website for writers called Pen Help – helping authors write.

She posts these fun writing cues, just a paragraph or so to stir the creative juices and get writers going.

Today, she shared one I wrote. I hope you’ll check out her website!


Great puffs of steam billowed into the cloudless summer sky as the train rolled into the seemingly desolate town. With one last mighty belch, it creaked to a halt at the run-down station and the porter smiled, reminding those continuing on the trip they had five minutes to stretch their legs before the train pulled out again. Accepting his helpful hand, I lifted my skirts and stepped down to the platform below. A glance to my left showed a filthy farmer, gaping at me with a toothless grin. Quickly turning my attention to the right, I fell into eyes even bluer than the sapphire brooch hidden beneath my jacket and sent up a hope-filled prayer that the handsome cowboy was the man who’d asked me to be his mail-order bride.


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