Perfect Picnic Time

If you haven’t been on a picnic this summer – or ever – take an evening or time on the weekend to go on one.

There is something wonderfully relaxing and lazy about being on a picnic.

Here are some tips from a post I did a while back to help make it successful.

Entertain with a Summer Picnic


Summer is the perfect time to grab a blanket, pack some food and eat in the great outdoors. If you haven’t gone on a picnic in a while, think about inviting a few friends or family members to join you for a casual meal. The key ingredient should be fun.

The Perfect Spot
Pick your picnic spot strategically. Look for an area in the shade, away from foot traffic. If you have children along, make sure there are no hazards nearby: busy roads, deep water, or cliffs. Be realistic about what you can carry to the picnic spot.

The Perfect Seat
Lounging on a blanket is all fine and dandy unless the ground is wet. Bring along a plastic tarp to put underneath the blanket. My favorite picnic blanket is a comforter that is thick and soft and just meant for lazy afternoons out in the sun.

The Perfect Food
Keep the food simple and opt for no-fuss picnic fare like crusty bread, cheese and fruit. Add something sweet for a treat like cookies, brownies or slices of pie. Think about foods that are easy to transport and keep cold. Wraps and sandwiches are yummy, simple to make and easy to pack. Before you fill the cooler, make sure everything is thoroughly chilled. Take plenty of ice and remember food should not set out more than an hour in heat that is 85 degrees or higher. Also take plenty of beverages to stay hydrated.

The Essentials
Picnic basket or cooler
Bottled water (freeze overnight and use as an ice pack)
Outdoor dinnerware
Flatware or plastic silverware
Cutting Board
Sharp Knife
Bottle opener
Tablecloth, blanket
Decorative centerpiece (hurricane candles, a cup of freshly plucked wildflowers, a beautiful dessert)
Bug spray or citronella candles
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Trash bags
Games (Frisbees and balls for the kids, badminton for adults)

She Who Needs to Dust off Her Picnic Basket

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