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Business couple workingThe other day I was working on developing a couple of new characters for a book I’m almost ready to start writing and deciding to do some research on different personality types.

I ended up on

I must confess, my research quickly flew out the window as I got sucked into taking my own personality test then made Captain Cavedweller take one as well.

That was an enlightening experience, to say the very least.

I learned:

• My personality type is “very rare (less than 1 percent of the population) and it has an unusual set of traits.” CC said that explained a lot. Har-de-har-har.

•Apparently my personality type combines idealism and decisiveness which means I can take all my creative, wild ideas and laser-focus them into achieving a specific goal.

•And there was something about being ultra sensitive with perfectionist tendencies and wanting to avoid conflict. Hmmm. That sounds like someone I know.

• Oh, yeah. There was a little mention of this personality type being good at written communication.

Captain Cavedweller, on the other hand:

• His personality can “possess many interesting traits that can easily baffle outsiders.” And insiders, like his wife.

• His type is rational and logical, with random bouts of spontaneous and enthusiastic behavior thrown into the mix. (Hence, the baffling.)

•Apparently his personality type tends to be introverts and can be stubborn. (Uh, huh.)

•And there was a little tidbit about them being very humorous. Which would explain CC’s ability to make even my mother laugh.

• His type also is good in crisis situations (good to know), is generally fair, but hates to be backed into a corner.

I’ll definitely be looking into the personality types more for developing characters. It also has links that talk about how individual types react in relationships, friendships and in the workplace.

If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, check it out. The test if free and you might surprise yourself with the results.

I was definitely surprised how accurate it was. Just be sure to answer all the questions with brutal honesty!


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