Pie Day

Since today is National Pie Day, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few of the pies (and desserts) my characters have made.

Drizzle on some caramel sauce and enjoy!

In The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan, Trey Thompson was only looking for a good hot meal when he went to Viv’s Diner. What he found was Cadence (Cady) Greer, one of the worst waitresses ever – but a talented baker. Between her spilling water on him and bringing him a piece of apple pie, he fell in love.

Here is Cady’s apple pie recipe.

I was nearly giddy at this point in the game because the crust was so easy to handle. Mine would have been in about 10 pieces or flaky messiness at this point with my old stand-by pie crust recipe.And her  recipe for the flakiest, best pie crust.

Lindsay Pierce may not be much of a cook in The Cowboy’s Spring Romance, but she can make a mean raspberry bar, as Trent Thompson discovers.

Tess Morgan  doesn’t need to use her cooking skills to win Travis Thompson’s heart in The Cowboy’s Summer Love. She’s had it since she was six. But he does love the chocolate and coconut cookie confections she calls Fudgie Wudgies.

In The Cowboy’s Autumn Fall, Bailey Bishop loves all things pumpkin. She for sure would have made Pumpkin Mousse Trifle, or at least talked Cady into making it for her. She might even have shared them with Brice Morgan.

rvcake plated with title

Denny Thompson is quite taken with Hart Hammond in The Cowboy’s New Heart. When he invited her over for a special Valentine’s dinner, she took this delicious Red Velvet Cheesecake.  Talk about a way to win a man’s heart.

Lexi Ryan knows her way around the kitchen almost as well as she does around her ranch in Learnin’ The Ropes. It’s no surprise her new hired hand, Ty Lewis, can’t stay away from her, especially when she makes him this deliciously moist chocolate cake.

RF pie platedFilly Granger is rescued from a life of drudgery and abuse at her father’s hand by the handsome Luke Granger in The Christmas Bargain. Luke had no idea he was bringing home a talented cook in exchange for canceling her father’s loan. One of the desserts Filly makes Luke is a cream pie. This recipe dates back to the 1800s and has a unique, creamy filling.

Zeppole platedCaterina Campanelli dreams of opening her own restaurant in Caterina. When she ends up in Pendleton, Oregon, hiding out from the Italian mafia, those dreams become a reality. Kade Rawlings loves his community, his job as a deputy sheriff, his friends, and good food. Between her feisty attitude and wonderful cooking, Kade is head over heels in love  with Caterina before he knows what hits him. One of her signature sweets is Zeppole.


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