Pillars in Time

The other day I was searching for a book for our Book Club to read this month. It is my turn to choose and I try to look for an author who is not on the best-seller list. If they are a self-published indie, even better. (We have to stick together like that, you know).

Anyway, I thought Pillars In Time by Erin Pryor sounded interesting. Here is the book’s description.

“Determination is Cadence Hamilton’s middle name. She sets her sights on a lofty goal in a man’s profession: to be the most sought after architect on the West Coast. When she hears of the chance to draft the renovation of a 14th Century Scottish castle, she jumps at her dream job…never expecting to be whisked away to the century itself. Nicholas Kincaid, sole heir to Dunmaben castle, is in a horrible predicament: marry or forfeit his lands. But the woman who visits his dreams keeps him from falling into wedded bliss. With the clock ticking, he follows duty to marry to avoid losing his beloved home and will do whatever it takes to ensure the security and safety for all, both in and outside of his walls. Except the woman, who beholds secrets he seeks, becomes his distraction…. Neither Nicholas nor Cadence anticipates the threats close to home, or the lives that will be lost in the process. As their relationship is tested and unknown enemies revealed, will their love conquer all? Even the boundary of time?”

There is something about the concept of time-travel that is exciting and fun, so I downloaded the book and read it in an afternoon.

I’m glad I did. The story was well written with some great plot twists. I liked the strength of Cadence’s character and picturing the very handsome Nicholas was fun, too.

The author did a nice job of weaving together this story and I am such a sap when it comes to happy endings.

Definitely worth a read.

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