Pink Pumpkin Centerpiece

My beloved auntie is turning 90 this week.

She’s always been special to me. It could be because our birthdays are only a day apart. It could be that we both love pink. It could be that she’s always been there for me and made me feel so loved.

But Aunt Robbie is dear to my heart.

Since she does love pink, I wanted to make a little something fun for her birthday.

So here is a pink pumpkin centerpiece!

I started with a white foam-interior pumpkin. I removed the stem, then spray-painted the pumpkin pink (which was way more fun that it should have been!) I may have been absolutely giddy when I happened upon a can of pink spray paint.

After the paint dried, I dug out my supply of pink flowers and greens.  You’ll want some different colors, textures and sizes of stems.

I got busy making it and forgot to snap photos of the process, but I basically started with a leafy green fern and placed it in the center, than added the rest of the flowers around it. I placed the larger flowers first and more greens, then add the smaller flowers and finish up with the filler (like the little white flowers). A bow from organza ribbon finished the project.

Easy as that!

Do you have a favorite centerpiece?

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