Pjs, Bon-Bons and a Bullwhip


The day before this morning…

The day after Monday…

Was my birthday.

All the birthday wishes from family and friends gave me a serious case of warm fuzzies.

As always, Captain Cavedweller made the day special and treated me like a queen.

When it came time to open presents, though… you have to understand my husband’s own unique brand of humor, but he can make me laugh like no one else.

Since I left my full-time “day” job to write full-time there have been a few people who have mentioned it more than once and seem utterly convinced I spend my days lounging around the house in my pajamas eating decadent chocolates.

While I wouldn’t mind giving a go at the chocolates, you will not find me in my pajamas unless you knock on my door in the middle of the night. And even then, I might throw on whatever clothes I can grab on my way to the door. CC can vouch that I’ve never once spent a day in my pjs, even when I’m sick.

My parents were firm believers in my being up, out of bed and dressed early in the day. If I wasn’t, there were threats of turning our big, dirty, slobbering dog loose on my bed or cold water dribbled on my head. Dad only let the dog in once and that was enough. I guess those early-formed habits are ingrained for a lifetime.

Anyway, it has become a running joke around our house (and with friends) about my lazing away my days in my pjs and eating bon-bons.

So for my birthday yesterday, Captain Cavedweller gave me this:

bonbon dishIt’s a beautiful sterling silver bon-bon dish with roses around the rim.

I love it.

And to make it even better, he gave me a box of chocolate truffles, with some comment about wanting me to be able to eat my bon-bons in style.

At least he didn’t give me pjs.

The other joke is that he leaves The Heinous Cat in charge of me, with orders to crack the whip and keep me on track.

So one of my presents was from the cat. I opened it to find this:

bullwhipAn honest-to-goodness bullwhip.

He said the cat will be keeping a closer eye on me.

The two of them have no idea what they have done.

Ever since I saw The Man From Snowy River, I’ve wanted a bullwhip.


I think CC and the cat should be worried.

Very worried.

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