Social Media is going to be the cause of my demise.

First it was Facebook and Twitter followed by LinkedIn.

Then I gut sucked into Pinterest and thought I might never get out alive.

Now I’m really in trouble. Big trouble.

I found Polyvore.

For those of you who like to be creative, have a penchant for fashion or like home decor, you are going to love (LOVE) this site. You can drag and drop clothing, backdrops, furniture, just about everything and anything you can imagine onto a “blank” canvas and create outfits, rooms, all kinds of fabulous and marvelous things.

I’m officially a goner.

I’ve only been playing on it since last weekend, but it is so much fun.

You can do stuff like this:

So you pick out the fashion pieces you like, arrange them however you want, add whatever accents tickle your fancy and then you can share it with others. Being someone who likes clothes and creativity, I can’t begin to tell you how this entertains me so.

Although I have only spent a few minutes being crazy with the home decor stuff, it looks like it could be a time-consuming wonderment, too.

I agree the pink room is a little much, but it was fun to put together.

She Who Needs to Not Like this as Much as She Does

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