Pop’d Kerns

Have you ever eaten your  way down to the bottom of a bowl of yummy popcorn and discovered some partially popped kernels? You know, the crunchy, tasty tidbits that linger next to the old maids?

What if you could enjoy a whole bag of those delicious little bites?

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Captain Cavedweller discovered Pop’d Kerns a while back and I’m fairly certain he’s addicted. A whole case of them arrived at the front door yesterday, if that is any indication of his love for the crunchy corn treats.

pop'd kern

Pop’d KernsTM (formerly Glad Corn) were created quite by accident. A rural Minnesota farmer and his wife lived in a small, close-knit community where the man grew corn and soybeans on his family farm.  According to their website, this hardworking farmer also happened to be a dreamer and a problem solver. He had a desire to learn more about alternative energy sources, and this eventually led him to do some experimenting. One night he was in the kitchen working on a new ethanol fuel recipe while his wife was catching up on some reading in the living room. He stepped out of the kitchen for a moment while a batch heated up on the stove. Suddenly — KABOOM! They both came running immediately and found exploded corn all over the kitchen! Being the inquisitive type, the farmer was more interested in tasting the pop’d corn than cleaning up the mess. While it didn’t look like much, he discovered that it was about the best tasting stuff he’d ever eaten!

And the rest, as they say, is history. Today Pop’d Kerns are a crunch, salty, delicious wonderful snack. You can get the original flavor or others like BBQ, Ranch and Cheddar.

Although I initially resisted, CC talked me into trying them and now I wish I hadn’t because they are so, so good!

(NOTE: The nice people from Pop’d Kerns don’t know me from Adam’s off ox – we just like their product. A lot).

She Who Has a Case of Treats to Put Away

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