Printable Book Lists

If you like to keep track of the books you’ve read, you’ll find  two lists here.

The first one is a detailed list, arranged by series and historical, contemporary, non-fiction, etc.

You’ll find it here:

The second list is grouped by community. So if you’ve ever wondered which books are tied together by setting, there is a list for that!

And a list with clickable links:

Books by Shanna Hatfield

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6 Responses

  1. Love the list, but I don’t mind reading (listening) a series more than once that I really enjoy. I travel a lot and have listened to the few books that are on audio, more than once. Really enjoy those cowboys.

  2. You must have been reading my mind. I just started writing your books down as I had read many of them and was losing track. This will make it much easier. Thanks for having them as part of Kindle Unlimited. I also enjoyed reading your blog yesterday. Thank you for that.

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