Protecting the Princess Character Inspiration


I always enjoy sharing the visual inspiration for my characters.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to the characters in Protecting the Princess.

Parker Princeton appeared in both Catching the Cowboy and Rescuing the Rancher. He had a lot to atone for after the way he behaved in Nate and Jossy’s story.

Parker is a man’s man. One who makes his living in the great outdoors.  So when I was thinking of his character, I needed someone who fit that bill.


Colin Donnell seemed so perfect for Parker.

Just absolutely perfect. It wasn’t hard at all to envision him as Parker – an outdoor guide / cowboy who loves living in Summer Creek.


For Poppy, I knew I wanted the character to have a certain look, complete with freckles on her nose. The image that popped into my head was of Eloise Mumford. The first time I saw her, was in a Hallmark Christmas movie that I loved. And she just seemed so perfect for Poppy’s character.

It’s easy to imagine how Parker would fall for a a pretty girl with bright eyes and a beautiful smile.


James Caan was exactly the right inspiration for Gavin, Poppy’s grandfather.


Forry Smith is my choice for King Granville.

And Christine Baranski is so, so wonderful for the Queen.

With Conner Weil as Poppy’s brother Eli.

Find more  tidbits of inspiration on my Pinterest board.

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2 Responses

  1. Cindy and I have always been Hallmark junkies and this Summer Creek Trilogy would be tailor-made for Hallmark movies. The only drawback? Your stories are just so much more complex, unpredictable and clever than many of Hallmark’s formulated features. Still, my mind’s eye can visualize Protecting the Princess as a superlative Hallmark feature film.

    1. Oh, Jeffrey! Your comments gave me the biggest smile. It is on my dream bucket list to have one of my books made into a Hallmark movie. I agree, this would definitely make a great movie! I already know who the characters would be! 🙂 Thank you so, so much!

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