Quotes from Crumpets and Cowpies


Since Crumpets and Cowpies releases tomorrow, I thought I’d share some fun quotes from the book with you today. Enjoy!


Jemma glared at Weston. “I wouldn’t want to intrude on Mr. Jordan’s time spent with those much more akin to his class and temperament. In fact, were he to ride in a northern direction, I believe he’d find a striking resemblance to himself if he viewed the southern-most quarters of his mount.”

Offended yet amused that she’d refer to him as a horse’s hind end, Thane couldn’t help but admire her wit and ability to insult him while smiling decorously.


“I can see why no man has succumbed to your beauty because only a weak-minded dolt would get tangled up with a woman so full of sass and stubbornness.” (Thane to Jemma)


“Have you given our conversation any consideration, Miss Bryan?” Thane asked, watching her closely. Although she maintained her perfect posture, he detected a slight squirm as she sat on one end of the settee. Rigsly must have sensed her discomfort, because the dog rose to his feet and plopped his big head on her lap, whimpering.

She lifted one hand and absently stroked his head while setting down her tea with the other.

Lady Jemma Bryan might be a freethinking nuisance, but she was one of the most graceful and polished women Thane had ever met. As he admired the curve of her cheek, the length of her neck, the elegant form of her fingers, he unexpectedly wished he could be the dog.


Much to her dismay, it quickly became apparent the men didn’t want a female on the ranch and had decided to bring about her demise. Flames of heat incinerated her tongue and she set the spoon down with a clatter.

The beans, seasoned with spices blended by Lucifer himself, set her mouth on fire and burned a trail down her throat all the way to her stomach.


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