I’m in a bit of a random mood today.

Maybe because it is Monday.

Maybe because I am sleep deprived.

Maybe because I’m just weird that way.

My randomness isn’t new.

In fact, I tend to write randomly sometimes.

For instance, when I was writing Heart of Clay, I knew I wanted to write at least three books in the series. I started writing HOC in February 2010 and basically had the first draft finished by April 2010. I spent a couple of months rewriting and fine tuning before deciding to give it a rest and start on the second book.

I began writing it in July 2010 and in February 2011 I had managed to scrabble together about 15,000 words. Trying to write the story I thought needed to be the second book was not fun. It was causing major writer’s block and I couldn’t seem to find any inspiration at all. So I set it aside for a while and jumped ahead to book three.

The first draft of book three flew together in two weeks. I had an absolute blast writing it and I’m glad I decided to be random and write the third book when I did. It gave me the focus I needed to start the second book over from scratch, with a whole different plot, storyline and set of main characters. When I did that, book two came together in just more than three weeks.

So the point of all my rambling here is that sometimes randomness is a good thing. It gets your juices flowing, helps you think beyond the norm, gives you a creative edge. And goodness knows, I need all the help I can get.

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