Re-Gift Party


Somewhere between the last of the holiday goodies being eaten and the mania of the Super Bowl taking over your house, the winter blahs are likely to set in.

Keep them at bay with a fun get together with friends.

Plan a Re-Gift Party and sit back for an hour or two of laughs, smiles and fun.

The idea for the party is pretty simple: have everyone bring a wrapped gift of something they received for Christmas they really didn’t want. Put the packages in a pile then draw numbers to see who gets to select the first gift, second and so forth. Each participating in the exchange can either take a wrapped gift or steal one that has already been opened.

It’s a fun way to liven up a winter afternoon or evening without cutting into your budget. If everyone brings a potluck dish, you’re investment in the party is minimal, but the rewards in seeing friends all laughing together is priceless!

She Who Needs to Plan a Party

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