Reason #337 Why I Love Captain Cavedweller

Saturday was Captain Cavedweller’s birthday, as I mentioned in my post Monday.

His mom and sister came to visit and we piled in the car and went to a parade. The combination of it being hot, having to walk several blocks to watch the parade and there being three girls to spur each other on, we decided to leave our purses in the car and go fetch them after the parade when we took our chairs back.

By the time the parade was over and we were all a little more than toasty, Captain Cavedweller volunteered to pack the chairs back to the car while we women-folk went into the cool of the stores and shopped to our heart’s content. Sounded like a great plan to us. Right up until we remembered our purses were in the car.

So as CC turned to walk away, I called after him “Don’t forget to bring our purses with you.

Shooting me a glare, it was one of those priceless moment when he would really like to pretend he’s never met me before. We agreed to meet in front of a store across the street in a few minutes.

We got busy gawking and talking and the next thing I knew, several moments had gone by. Like 10 more than we said it would take for us to meet him. Hurrying across the street, there he patiently waited with handbags dangling from his big hands. He never mentioned us keeping him waiting, especially with the girlish purses. He just handed them over and said “what’s next?”

I know some guys would rather die than be seen carrying or even momentarily holding a purse for their wife or girlfriend. In fact, I know a few guys who absolutely refuse.

Captain Cavedweller, who is comfortable in his own skin and confident in who he is, has never been bothered by it. At least if he is, he doesn’t show it.

And no, it hasn’t robbed him of his man card to hold my purse on occasion. I don’t overuse the privilege and he knows the times he is asked to touch my purse will be few and far between.

But I do have to say, his willingness to not just hold our purses but carry them for several blocks through throngs of people made me realize once again, he’s quite a guy.

She Who Really Appreciates Captain Cavedweller

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