Reason #379 I love Captain Cavedweller

Last week I accomplished something that I was quite excited about and proud of.

For some people, what I did would have been nothing of importance. For other people it would have been a huge deal.

For me,  it was one of those things that confirms that following my heart and my dreams is the right and good thing to do.

Only some of the Negative Nellie’s in my world made comments like:

“Oh, sorry you didn’t do better than that.”

“Well, I suppose that’s better than nothing.”

“When you move on to something else, it won’t really matter.”

I know I should ignore them. I know their thoughtless comments shouldn’t bother me.

But they do.

I’m only human after all.

And no matter how thick I try to grow my skin, there are still some things that worm their way through that protective coating and zap me. They take away the joy of achievement, diminish the excitement of my accomplishment, and they hurt my feelings.

So after having shared with Captain Cavedweller some of the things two of the Nellie’s in my world said, he gave me the “why do you listen to them at all” look, hugged me and told me they aren’t worth wasting my effort worrying about.

The next morning, he sent me these at work:

Along with a note that let me know how proud he is of what I accomplished.

He’s good like that – at building me up when others try to push me down.

We all need a champion in our corner. I’m certainly glad I’ve got CC in mine.

She Who Loves The Captain

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