Redemption, Happiness, and Love



Every time I write a book, I always hope something about the story will resonate with readers.

Rescuing the Rancher is no different.

When I was writing it there were some themes that stood out to me beyond the usual heart, humor, and hope. This one included a story of redemption (which, oddly enough, I considered choosing as the name of the book when I was first working on ideas for the series, but I liked Rescuing better than Redeeming as the title).

The heroine, Jossy, is seeking redemption whether she acknowledges it or not. She needs redemption from her past, for the mistakes she made in her youth, and the failures that continue to haunt her.  She struggles as much against herself as any external force and battles the possibility of moving forward and letting go.

Nate, the hero, is on his own journey of redemption. He’s allowed everything he enjoys and loves to go by the wayside as he focuses on his career. Slowly, he begins to work on changing things and in the process of finding himself, he finds love. Not just any ol’ love, but the kind of love people dream about discovering.

Together, Nate and Jossy have a chance at happiness, but it’s hard to reach out and grab it. Jossy  doesn’t think she deserves redemption, or forgiveness, or the right to be happy, or fall in love. Nate has no idea what he’s done to get on Jossy’s bad side, but he really, really just wants to chance to love her like she deserves to be loved.

Redemption, and happiness, and love, are themes readers will experience all through this story, building to an ending I hope leaves everyone with warm hearts and joyful smiles.

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