Remembering Christmas

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for Trevor King to get his own story, it’s coming! Look for the release of Remembering Christmas on October 28!

If you read Keeping Christmas, you’ll remember Trevor as Tally’s sometimes bossy, meddling, well-meaning brother and best friend to Gage Taggart (Tally’s love interest).

Now, it’s time for Tally and Gage to turn the tables on Trevor, along with help from their loony aunt, Marvella Hawkins.

You’ll also get to find out a little more about the King family from Romance at Rinehart’s Crossing.

The woman about set Trevor on his ear is a new character to this series. Her name is Mykah King and she was such a great character to create and write. I just love her spunk and determination, as well as her journey in self-growth.

Here the book description:

Romance swirls like December snowflakes in this sweet holiday romance.

Trevor King runs King Penny Ranch like a well-oiled machine while attempting to keep his spritely octogenarian aunt out of trouble. His personal life is filled with evasive tactics worthy of a military mission in order to avoid the matchmaking efforts of meddling friends. Until Trevor experiences a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger that leaves him reeling. Almost two years pass before they unexpectedly meet again. He feels blindsided by an emotional avalanche . . . and her name is Mykah.

Mykah Wagner has spent years building her career with Creekdale Enterprises while burying memories better forgotten. When the company’s owner sends her to oversee an expansion project at a retirement home in Eastern Washington, Mykah envisions a charming urban location. Instead, she discovers an area teeming with farms, ranches, vineyards, and sagebrush. Desperate to return to her idea of civilization as quickly as possible, Mykah soon finds herself falling in love with the residents, the region, and a rancher who helps her remember all the best things from her past.

Brimming with hope, laughter, and second chances, Remembering Christmas is a captivating and wholesome romance celebrating the joy of falling in love and the wonder of the season.

You can pre-order the book now for just $2.99.

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