Researching Books in Print

I had a message from a fellow writer the other day asking if she could put a review I gave her Kindle book on the back of a print book. A few quick messages later, I discovered she was going to self-publish her book in print.

Waiting a whole three seconds to decide I wanted to do that, too, I started researching the company she is using. Everything looks good. I am not seeing any hidden costs. The process appears to be fairly straightforward.

And yet, I am still waiting to find the catch.

Where is the hidden fee? Will they require a donation of blood, a firstborn child or other drastic measures? Will I receive a charge for thousands of dollars to do something I’d rather spend, say $30 on?

All these questions need answered.

When I get the answers, I’ll let you know what I’ve discovered. I’m hopeful this process will prove to be as affordable and simple as it appears to be. If so, you’ll soon be able to get The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan in print!

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