Researching Facts

The other day I was knee-deep in research for a new novel I started.

As ideas came to me, it was a simple thing to Google the information and get the answers I needed in a matter of minutes.

Sitting there, thinking about how simple it with a click of a mouse to have a wealth of information at my fingertips, I marveled at how much work and effort used to go into research for books.

For example, I was looking up information on a very small town. Typing in the name in a search bar, I soon had two websites filled the information I needed including photos and lists of other resources. Before the internet, I would have had to drive to that town, spend  hours tracking down someone who could provide the information and then spend who knows how long weeding through documents to get just the details I was looking for.

Despite living in an age where technology seems to change in the blink of an eye, I do see the advantages of it, especially when it comes to writing.

It would take me years to write a book if I had to physically visit all the places I am writing about, research every fact I want to include and then craft the story.

My hat is off to all those who wrote wonderful detail-rich stories long before we had the internet.

Thank goodness for Google!

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