I attended a funeral Saturday that was heart-wrenching and emotional. One that makes you want to run home and gather your loved ones close and never let go.

There were, what I would guess to be, several hundred people in attendance. Most behaved as you would expect people to behave when at a funeral – somber, quiet, respectful. Then there were a few that really had me shaking my head.

I realize society’s rules on what is acceptable funeral (and wedding) attire has relaxed greatly, but I think there is a point where a line should be drawn.

There is nothing respectful in showing up to a funeral service in filthy jeans and slippers or flip flops and shorts. And some might be quick to assume these were young people.  Some yes, but not all of the offenders.

What happened to the days where people literally put on their “Sunday best” when attending functions such as weddings or funerals? Quiet honestly, I miss it. That laid-back anything-goes attitude just doesn’t always fly. Sometimes it goes over as well as a lead balloon.

The other thing I noticed that was completely lacking in respect was the behavior of drivers as the long line of cars snaked their way across town to the cemetery for graveside services. Most cars coming toward us pulled over and respectfully waited for the funeral procession to pass. Then there were  those who ignored what was going on, zipping past the multitude of cars pulled over on the side of the road. The offenders were all ages, so blame can’t be put on any one age group for not knowing better. I think it was more of a problem of people being so wrapped up in themselves, they pay no attention to anything else going on around them, or they don’t really care.

If you are one of the few who show respect in social settings, my hat is off to you. I sincerely hope dressing, acting, talking and being respectful isn’t something that will entirely disappear. Maybe if  few more people set a good example, others will follow.

She Who Cheers on the  Respectful

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