Road Trippin’

Earlier this week, Captain Cavedweller accompanied me on a road trip for a business meeting I had in Central Oregon.

On our way there we saw all kinds of wildlife including a wild turkey, deer and big horn sheep. (Yeah, the sheep were really exciting and visible from the freeway which meant no place to stop and take photographs).

We happened across a bunch of antelope and the driver of the vehicle may have slammed on the brakes, whipped around and drove back to where the antelope grazed by the side of the road (thank goodness there was no traffic).

antelope lrIt was definitely worth the stop to snap a few photographs. Aren’t they awesome!

cuffs lrOne of the stops on the way there included an old jail museum. These are handcuffs (for those who’ve never seen the old West style.) They are incredibly heavy and terribly uncomfortable – a good reason to stay out of trouble!

fence lrLook at the old wood of this fence (and the building behind it).

crib lrAnd there are rock cribs everywhere.

horses 1Although they don’t count as wildlife, the hotel where we stayed had a big pasture full of horses. These two were particularly friendly. The old guy on the left liked to have his head scratched, especially behind his ears.

White horseHe did stand still long enough for me to take a few fun shots.

GV Sign 1We also happened to drive through this little place called Grass Valley. Maybe you’ve heard of it? *wink*

There’s a rumor some handsome ranchers by the name of Thompson live in the fictional version of the town. There’s also a rumor the creator of said fictional version is planning to release another book in the series at the end of this year.

churchlrThis is an old abandoned church in Grass Valley.

The story ideas began whirling in my head as I snapped a few photos. I can hardly wait to get started writing Ben Morgan’s story…

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