Romantic DIY Necklace

necklace 1A few months ago, I was browsing through a catalog and this necklace caught my eye.

Then I read the price and decided it wasn’t that catchy. I flipped through the rest of the catalog and came back to this necklace, studying it for a while.

Determined not to pay the $160 asking price, I decided to make it myself.

I purchased a basic silver chain at Wal-Mart that cost $6. I went to the craft section and selected a variety of ribbon, silk and scrapbook roses, a little silver bauble, and a piece of white ribbon. Total cost – $20.

I went home and got to work. From my button jar, I found some pretty accents to add that had some sparkle and shine.

This would have been a good point to take step-by-step photos but I was in a rush to make it, so here’s my very vague directions:

  • Arrange flowers on the chain and get them positioned just where you want them.
  • Once you have them placed, either glue or sew the flowers onto the ribbon (because I’m a certifiable weirdo, I did both). You could also use a piece of felt cut to match the shape of the flowers if you’d rather.
  • Glue the ribbon or felt to the chain. I glued it then overlapped the edges of the ribbon and sewed them together so the chain was encased inside the ribbon tube.

That’s it!

Necklace 2And here is the end result. Not exactly like the one in the catalog – but at least it is unique and definitely a fitting necklace for your favorite hopeless romantic.

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